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Pre-Calculus 11 Pre-Calculus 12
AP, IB examination preparation
Calculus for AP, IB and Univ. students
SAT math subject test (I, II) preparation


Physics 11, 12
IB AP Physics
SAT physics subject test preparation


Chemistry 11, 12
IB AP Chemistry
SAT chemistry subject test preparation


Thanks to Mr. Wang, I was more than confident going into my math and physics exams. My first tutoring sessions prepared me for my IB Math finals and SAT Math, which are intimidating exams. Mr. Wang managed to pinpoint all my weaknesses and thoroughly explain anything I was unsure about. He is incredibly familiar with the BC curriculum as well as the topics covered in IB and SAT tests. While prepping for SAT tests, Mr. Wang patiently taught me concepts that weren’t covered in school. I learned test-writing tips and techniques that helped my individual needs.
Tutoring sessions with Mr. Wang were surprisingly not stressful. He is so patient and dedicated to helping me understand the work that I wasn’t at all scared or embarrassed to constantly ask questions. He knew which topics I had trouble with and would gladly explain again, in another way so I could understand. There’s no doubt that Mr. Wang helped me be successful in my exams! !

Kay Deng ,Coquitlam -- Dartmouth College early admission

He is funny, easygoing and has always been support of my learning. But most importantly, Lin is a master at breaking extremely obscure or difficult mathematical concepts into little pieces that I can digest, a talent that no teacher at school comes close to matching.!

Alan Wang ,Coquitlam -- University of Pennsylvania early admission